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Hello 1/2A and your parents laugh

How have you been getting on this week?

Life in school is a bit different now as all of the staff are back and there are some children in too. Because of this, we will be making some changes to how the work is presented on the website. From Monday, the work will be in a folder for Year 1 and a folder for Year 2. These are at the top of the list above the Class folders.

I know some of you are doing everything we set which is amazing and I am sure that you will continue to do so! Each day, check out your daily tasks and keep trying your best. I know some of you are doing everything which is amazing! The highlight of my day is receiving your photos and videos so please keep sending them to me and I will add them to the folder below.

Remember, if I can help in anyway please email me at:


Please take care of your families and keep safe!


Missing you lots! sad

Love from

Mrs Ahmad xxx