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Good morning 2S! laugh


Here are some activities that will recap our recent learning. 

Here are some Length and Height problems:

Here are some Multiplication and Division problems:

Please also access the 'White Rose 1 Minute Maths' app to practice a range of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division questions.

Have a go at writing the alternative spellings for the /igh/ /or/ and /ai/ sound. You will see different images within each table.

The answers are on the second page. 

Here are some Grammar and Punctuation challenge cards:

Our current topic is 'Bright Lights, Big City'. We have looked closely at the landmarks around London. Here are some tasks linked to the different landmarks:

1. Here is a quiz- you may need to use Google to research the answers.

2. Reading task. 

Don't forget to have some fun in the snow! laugh


Miss Sykes