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Admission arrangements to Fixby J&I School are looked after by Kirklees Pupil Admissions.  Please click on the admissions policy link below to view admission arrangements. Applications are decided by using 'admission criteria' as outlined below, to offer places in order of priority up to the Published Admission Number (PAN) which is 45 pupils per year group. 

The admissions criteria priorities for Kirklees community and voluntary aided schools are:

  • Priority 1 children in public care (looked after children) and children previously looked after.
  • Priority 2 children who live in the school’s Priority Admission Area (PAA) who have a brother or sister attending the school from the same address at the date of admission (the sibling rule).
  • Priority 3 children who live in the school’s PAA.
  • Priority 4 children who live outside the school’s PAA who have a brother or sister attending the school from the same address at the date of admission (the sibling rule).
  • Priority 5 children who live outside the school’s PAA.


Schools will admit children with statements of special educational or education health and care plans where the statement/plan names the school. These admissions are dealt with by a child's SEND Caseworker from Kirklees SENDACT. For further information please visit Kirklees Local Offer.


Kirklees School Admissions hold waiting lists for oversubscribed Kirklees community and voluntary controlled schools. 


When will parents/carers find out which school their child has been allocated?

  • Applicants will receive an offer email mid April and will also be able to view the offer online.
  • Kirklees Admissions or the school cannot tell parents/carers over the telephone which school has been allocated.
  • After National Offer Day children are automatically placed on waiting lists for any higher preference Kirklees Community or Voluntary controlled schools where they have been refused a place.


What if my child has not been allocated a place at the school I prefer?

  • You have the right to appeal.
  • Details and specified deadlines are included in the email offer you receive from Kirklees.
  • It is important for you to engage with the school allocated to your child until your appeal is heard as there is no guarantee your appeal will be successful.


I would like to move my child to Fixby J&I School mid-year, what do I need to do?

  • An in-year admission application can be made by submitting an In Year Common Transfer Form (ICAF). This can be found as part of the document below.
  • The form should be returned directly to the school office.
  • Staff in the school office will submit the ICAF directly to Kirklees Pupil Admissions.
  • Kirklees Pupil Admissions will contact you directly, approximately 3-4 weeks after your application, to confirm whether or not a place is available for your child. 
  • Your child should continue to attend their current school until you have received a decision from Kirklees Pupil Admissions.
  • The criteria for allocating places for in-year-transfers are on a first-come-first-served basis as a place becomes available. 
  • If your child has an EHCP you should contact your Caseworker at Kirklees SENDACT directly. We cannot accept an ICAF directly for a child with an EHCP to ensure your child's application is processed in line with statutory duties under the Special Educational Needs & Disability Regulations 2014.

In Year Admissions & Application Form

Further information can be obtained by contacting Kirklees Pupil Admissions directly via email at or by telephoning 01484 225007.