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Day 1

Good morning,

Here is your work for Day 1:


Can you read all of these words by sight (without having to sound them out)?

When do you use could? Write a sentence using this word.


When do you use called? Write a sentence using this word.


Could and called are often confused with cold. Write a sentence using cold.



We recently did some work on the ai/ay graphemes and how they sound the same.


How many ai words can you remember? The pictures below may help you.


The ai sound is used in the middle of a word.
The ay sound is usually used at the end of a word or at the end of a syllable.


Handwriting practice with these sentences:


Were you away from school yesterday?

May I pay for your holiday?

Will the farmer collect the hay in May? 

On Tuesday he will stay to pray.

I will play with the clay on Monday.



Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts.

You should be able to read each of these texts in 60 seconds. (The numbers down the side just tell you how many words there are.)

Practise each one until you can and then answer the questions.



Which of the three animals that you have read about today would be your favourite?


Will you choose the kangaroo, the octopus or the great white shark?


Your task is to write a story about you and one of these creatures.



Today's lesson involves revising o'clock and half past times on the analogue and the digital clock.


When the big hand is pointing to the 12, we say o'clock. 

On this clock, the small hand is pointing to the 2, so it is 2 o'clock.


This Is a Digital Clock | Digital Clock Song for Kids | Telling Time | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the digital clock. This video is a great introduction for telling time on the digital clock. Digital clock song for kids. Tell the digital time f...

Complete this worksheet:

Work through this PowerPoint and answer the questions on the final page.

Here's a game for you to play.