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Day 2

Good morning,

Here is your work for Day 2:



You should all be super confident with your Phase 3 sounds.

Work out what each picture shows and write a list of the words.


We recently practised the ie and igh sounds.

Can you remember these words?


Lots of words end with ight. How many can you think of?


You've seen this postcard before. Read it through and collect all of the words that sound the same as igh. Watch out because they will have different spellings!




For your writing task today, I would like you to write a reply to Ellie's postcard. Pretend to be Diana and write back to Ellie.


Can you tell her about something funny that has happened to you recently? It could involve a pet or a member of your family.

Make sure you think about each sentence one at a time and remember to use full stops and capital letters correctly.


Here are three more of the 60 second read tasks. Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts. Remember, you need to practise reading the texts until you can do it in 60 seconds or less. (The numbers down the side just show you how many words there are.) When you can read the text fluently, answer the questions.



You may like to start by playing the game from yesterday's lesson:


Work through this PowerPoint to learn quarter past and quarter to:

Learning for Life

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If you were in school we would have a weekly gymnastics lesson.


Here are two videos to help you improve your skills:

Beginner Gymnastics Body Shapes - AEROkids style

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