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Day 2

Good morning!laugh

Here are your activities for Day 2:


Have a go at writing these Tricky Words:

Can you write a sentence with the word 'I'?

Can you write a sentence with the word 'into'?

Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



Play Dragon's Den: Click Phase 3.



We are currently recapping Phase 3 sounds. Read these sentences and answer yes or no.

Let's recap these sounds:

w             x          

Can you write a list of words with these sounds in? Here are some examples:

web, wax, win

box, fox, tax


Can you put one of these words into a sentence and write it?


Have a go at reading these sentences. (The numbers down the side just tell you how many words there are.) Once you have understood the text, answer the questions.


Linked to your reading task, I would like you to think of a range of things that you can do.

Please write at least three 'I can' sentences. Here are some examples:


I can ride my bike.

I can swim.

I can fasten my shoe laces.


Today we are going to explore the weight of objects.


Can you find some objects around your house and sort them into a 'heavy' and a 'light' pile?


Choose 2 objects. Which object is 'heavier'? Which object is 'lighter'? 


Can you order 3 objects starting with the 'lightest' to the 'heaviest'?

Complete this quiz:

Here is your task:

Learning For Life

Here is a story about rules:


If you were in school, we would have a weekly outdoor P.E. lesson. 


Here's a video to give you ideas that you can try out in your garden (or indoors if the weather is poor or you can't go out.)