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Day 3

Good morning,

Here is your work for Day 3:



You all know the ow sound really well. It's the sound we use when we get hurt.

Can you write a sentence for each of these words?


Here are some more ow words for you to write:

You should remember talking about these rules. Can you work out the words which follow the rules?


Here are the answers:

The ow sound can also be written using the ou grapheme.


I've thought of three words. How many more can you think of?


out        about      shout     


Play this game with a member of your family:



Here are three more of the 60 second read tasks. Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts. (Today's writing task links to the first text.)

Remember, you need to practise reading the texts until you can do it in 60 seconds or less. (The numbers down the side just show you how many words there are.) When you can read the text fluently, answer the questions.



Your task is to write a set of instructions like those for 'How to repair a bicycle puncture'.

You can choose from one of these ideas or one of your own:


  • How to make a sandwich.
  • How to change a car tyre.
  • How to brush your teeth.


  • Your own idea.


I'm sure you will love these games. Try levels 1, 2 and 3.

This PowerPoint links analogue and digital time for quarter past and quarter to:

Here's todays worksheet:


If you were in school, we would have a weekly outdoor P.E. lesson. 


Here's a video to give you ideas that you can try out in your garden (or indoors if the weather is poor or you can't go out.)

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