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Day 3

Good morning!laugh

Here are your activities for Day 3:



Have a go at writing these Tricky Words:

Can you write a sentence with the word 'no'?

Can you write a sentence with the word 'the'?

Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Play Picnic On Pluto: Click Phase 3.


We are currently recapping Phase 3 sounds. Read these sentences and answer yes or no.


Let's recap these sounds:

        y             qu          

Can you write a list of words with these sounds in? Here are some examples:

yuck, yum, yell

queen, quick, quilt


Can you put one of these words into a sentence and write it?


Have a go at reading these sentences. (The numbers down the side just tell you how many words there are.) Once you have understood the text, answer the questions.


Ask a grown up to read this Phase 3 sentence out loud then have a go at writing it by yourself:

You bow down to the king and queen.


Linked to our History work on Queen Victoria, can you research and find out 2 interesting facts about Queen Victoria?


Write the facts and don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Today we are going to measure the weight of objects.


Remember that when a heavy object is placed into a weighing scale, that side of the scale goes DOWN.


The lighter object in the opposite side of the scale moves UP


If the objects weigh the same amount, the scales are BALANCED


Look through this PowerPoint and compare the weight of the objects:

Here is your task:


If you were in school we would have a weekly gymnastics lesson.


Here are two videos to help you improve your skills:


What is a family tree? Click on this link and watch the video. Lucy and Nathan are going to show you all about their family.


Families come in all shapes and sizes and every one is different. Your task is to have a go at filling in your own family tree and colouring it in. Talk to your family and find out about your family members.