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Day 4

Good morning,

Here is your work for Day 4:



Can you complete the words shown by each of these pictures?

aw is a new Phase 5 sound.


It sounds the same as or which is a Phase 3 sound.


Collect words containing or. The pictures will give you clues. 


Here's a list of aw words. Can you write sentences which include two words from the list?


Here is my example:


After the storm, the lawn was covered in straw.


Here are 3 more 60 second reading tasks. You will know what to do by now. How quickly can you read each text? When you can read the text fluently, answer the questions. (Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts.)





Where is your favourite place in the world? Your task is to write about it. If you would like to, you can imagine that you are describing a helicopter ride above your favourite place.


I would describe the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne because that is where I was born. Where will you choose and why?





For the next couple of days we're going to be looking at 2D shape, but first, it would be great if you could practise your times tables. Try out this game. Select the X carriage and play the mixed 2, 5 and 10 x tables.


Here's a quiz style activity to test you on your knowledge of 2D shapes. You should know these. Click on the numbers for the clues then the question mark to check if you are correct.

Here's your worksheet:

For this next task, you will also need to think about straight sides and curved sides:

Make sure you spell the shape names correctly!



Write at least 5 facts about Queen Victoria.