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Day 5

Good morning,

Here is your work for Day 5:


Read this story to remind you about the ee/ea sound.


Collect the words in two lists:   ee words and ea words.


Now look at these picture cards and add words to each list:

When a y is used at the end of a word, it can also sound like ee



Can you draw a picture to match each of these words?


Can you write a little story using these words?




Here are your next three 60 second read tasks (Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts.):


What are your favourite toys? For today's writing task I would like you to write about them.



Try out this 'Hit the Button' game. 

Select the Doubles and Halves options to sharpen up your rapid recall.



Talk through these questions with an adult and then do pages 3 and 4 from Sorting Shapes.


Read the information on these posters and look carefully at the pictures:



I would like you to do some research on jobs that young children did during Victorian times.