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Day 6

Good morning,

Here are your tasks for today:



Today you will be focusing on the long a sound made by the split digraph a_e where there is a letter in between the a and the e.


Read through the sentences on the PowerPoint, paying particular attention to the a_e words.

Now read through this text that contains lots of a_e split digraph words and complete the tasks.

Look at what happens with these a_e split digraph words when the ing suffix is added:


race        racing


bake       baking


grate       grating


Have you noticed that the e is dropped before the -ing suffix is added?


Can you think of any more pairs of words that can go in this list?


Here are your next three 60 second read tasks (Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts.):


For today's writing task, I would like you to continue with the story of The Little Red Hen.


What will happen next?

What will happen when the winter comes and the animals want food?

Will the animals learn their lesson?


Mental Oral starter activity Place Value Game:

Select 'Numbers up to 99' from the menu. Count the tens and ones to find the matching basketball.

This PowerPoint will remind you about the names of the 3D shapes.


Part of our work in R.E. involves learning about festivals and celebrations. A very personal celebration that we all have each year is our own Birthday.


Here is a PowerPoint presentation all about Birthdays to read through. 

After you have read it, I would like you to create your own piece of work to include pictures and writing about how you celebrate your birthday.