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Day 7

Good morning!


Here are your tasks for today:



Today you will be focusing on the long e sound when it is made using the e_e split digraph.

The two e's are separated by a consonant.


Read through the sentences on this Powerpoint paying close attention to the e_e words:


Here is a text containing lots of e_e words. Can you spot them all?


Here are your next three 60 second read tasks (Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these Reading tasks, doing one, two or all three texts.):


Today's writing task is to continue the 'Hide and Seek' story.


What happens when Mum returns home?

How does she discover the dinosaur?

How does she react?

How does the story end?


Mental and oral starter activity:  Play the 'Blast Off' game. Select 'Numbers in between' from the menu.



Complete this activity sheet:

If you're up for a challenge and enjoy colouring then try out these challenges:


Learning for Life

Today's lesson is all about communities.

Communities for Kids - Types of Communities | Social Studies for Kids | Kids Academy

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Watch this video and then complete one of the tasks below:



If you were at school we would be having a weekly gymnastics lesson.


Here's the video from Day 2. Practice all of the basic shapes again and then combine them to make a routine.



Beginner Gymnastics Body Shapes - AEROkids style

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Can you teach your routine to another member of your family?


Could someone in your family watch your routine and give you scores?