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Day 8

Good morning!


Here are your tasks for today:




Today you will be focusing on the long o sound made with the o_e split digraph.


Read all of the sentences on this o_e PowerPoint paying close attention to the o_e split digraphs.

Here is a text that includes lots of o_e split digraph words. Can you spot them all?


Have you noticed that some of the o_e split digraph words in this text are plurals (more than one)?

When we make these words plural, all we have to do is add an s.


cone           cones

phone         phones

globe          globes


Can you add pairs of words to this list?




Here are today's Reading tasks. You should be aiming to spend 30-40 minutes on this and the key is to being able to read the texts fluently. Re-reading is the key to this.


Today's writing task is to write your own magic spell. You can write a spell for making someone disappear or for some other event - it's up to you!



Mental and Oral Starter Activity - Select 'Ordering' and then Forwards: 1 to 100.

Order the numbers on the caterpillar’s body.



Let's do some revision of grouping, which is an important part of multiplication and division.


Work through the questions in this PowerPoint:

Here are your tasks:

Can you do some sorting and grouping at home?

Use your toys, e.g. Lego bricks or cars.

Use spoons or cups, saucers and plates in the kitchen.



Please work through this Geography lesson from BBC Bitesize. It's about he countries and capital cities of the UK.

Add labels to the map:


Each week we have an outdoor P.E. lesson.


Here's another video with ideas that you can try out in your garden (or indoors if the weather is poor or you can't go out.)


#ThisIsPE - Agility Dodge and weave. React. Decision making. Agility. It's all covered in #ThisIsPE video seven. Make sure you pay close attentio...