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Day 8

Good morning!

Here are your activities for Day 8:



Have a go at writing these Phase 3 Words:









Can you write a sentence with the word 'this'?

Can you write a sentence with the word 'that'?

Don't forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Play Picnic On Pluto: Click Phase 3. 


We are currently recapping Phase 3 sounds. Read these sentences and answer yes or no.


Let's recap these sounds:

                                                                       igh             oa       

Can you write a list of words with these sounds in? Here are some examples:

night, fright, light

road, toad, boat


Can you put one of these words into a sentence and write it?


Have a go at reading these sentences. (The numbers down the side just tell you how many words there are.) Once you have understood the text, answer the questions.




Today I want you to write your own verse for the superhero poem. Use the verses in the poem above to help you. 


You need to describe what your superhero is like and then in the last line tell the reader who they are. 


As an extra challenge see if you can make your poem rhyme like the verses above. 



Today's maths lesson looks at place value grids and understanding the place value of digits in a 2 digit number. 


Make sure you have a pencil and paper ready whilst you watch the video.


The worksheet you need is attached underneath. 



Please work through this Geography lesson from BBC Bitesize. It's about the countries and capital cities of the UK.

Add labels to the map:


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