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Day 9

Good morning,


Here are your tasks for today.



Today you will be focusing on the long i sound made using the i_e split digraph.


Here is a PowerPoint to read through first of all:



Read this text and spot all of the i_e split digraph words that are included in it:

Lots of these i_e split digraphs are Verbs (doing words) that can have the _ing suffix added to the end of them. Remember that when we add the -ing suffix, we have to drop the e first.


Can you add more pairs of words to this list?


ride     riding

slide    sliding

hike     hiking



Here are today's three Reading texts. Make sure that you can read the text through fluently before answering the questions. Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on these tasks, doing one, two or three of the tasks.


For today's Writing task, I would like you to write a postcard pretending to be any famous person of your choice.




Here's a game to get you started. It's all about multiples...


The multiples of 2 are the numbers in your 2 times table: 2, 4, 6 etc


Try out the game for x2, x5 and x10 first, then try out any other times tables you are trying to learn.


Let's continue with our work on equal groups. Today we'll look at adding equal groups.

I'm sure that you will see how this links with your times tables.


Here are the 3 worksheets:



Work through these super games and activities:

Add labels to show where the continents and the oceans are on this World Map: