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Friday 12th June

Happy Friday

One last push of hard work and then I will let you have two days off. I'm so kind!

I'm just preparing for the family quiz this weekend again, I have Ava on my team so hopefully we will win this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me.



Friday Challenge have a look at the questions and see how far you can get. I wonder if anyone has got them all right yet? Good luck!

Summer Term - Week 7 (w/c 8th June) - Friday Maths Challenge


Guided Reading.

Today it is an extract called Spirit. Would you believe someone if they told you they had found a fairy?


We are going back to BBC Bitesize to look at a final lesson on suffixes.

Mrs Walker's group A 


Today you will be doing some more division.  Click on the file below to get your work.

Mrs Walker's group B


Today you will be learning about square numbers.  A square number is a number multiplied by itself.  The symbol for squared is ². 2² = 2 x 2 =4.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups

Reading and writing

Read the information about Egyptian gods and goddesses and answer the questions.  For question 5 you must answer in full sentences.  You will need to have four facts about the god that you choose.  So you will have four sentences altogether for question 5 (one for each fact).



I have a few videos of art ideas you might want to try. Obviously it depends what resources you have at home, so I have put a lot of choice on there. Get creative and have some fun. - painting - origami - pencil sketches



Finally, I have some PE to get you active. I have no idea why he is dressed as a Panda, if you have a Panda suit feel free to join in and wear one too.


Have fun and enjoy your weekend.


Mrs Garside