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Friday 12th June 2020

Happy Friday Year 4,


Wow this week has gone super fast. I can't believe that it is the weekend already. I hope that we get some sunshine to enjoy over the weekend!!


I have spent 2 weeks in school now with the other teachers and the children from Year 6 and Year 1. It is so strange with so few children here. I wish that you were all here too.


I hope you have a great weekend. Have a lovely rest and I will speak to you on Monday. Don't forget to email me with your news. 


Love from


Mrs Martin



For maths today, please complete this arithmetic test. See you if can improve your score from last week or maintain what you got! Spend no more than 30 minutes completing it. 



Today's reading activity is based around Marco Polo who was an explorer in the 13th Century, over 700 years ago!


Read the fact sheet first, then answer the questions.



Today is the final day on Catch It. 

Imagine the vulture could have his say. Why did he behave the way he did?

How did he feel about the meerkats working against him?


Write his point of view about the chase.


History - Rotten Romans!


At the beginning of Year 3 we carried out a topic on the Romans, which you all loved! Today's activity will involve you recapping your knowledge on how they lived. Can you remember what they used instead of toilet roll?


We have found a BBC Bitesize lesson where you will find out how and why the Romans came to Britain.

This lesson includes:

  • three videos about the Romans

  • two activities to build knowledge and understanding