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Friday 15th May

Happy Friday 3/4M


Another week has flown by. It feels like a lifetime since we were all together. I started making calls to you all yesterday and I am going to continue today. It is lovely to speak to you, as well as your grown ups. It is so nice to hear your voices. 


Jacob is so pleased with his new bike. He couldn't wait to go out on it yesterday. I made him do his work first and he was not impressed. He managed to get it done though so that he could go out. 


I finally finished all the maths comments on your reports yesterday, I am starting to write all your personal statements now. It is so nice to think of you all. It would be even better if I could see you everyday. 


Please see today's work below:



Today I have chosen two different reading tasks, they are both quite short so you can have a go at both. 


The first is called The Comic Dinosaur. The questions are based on inferencing and the structure of the text. The last question shows your understanding of the text. 


The second is called Pets. This text assesses your ability to determine the difference between a fact and an opinion.


I have added a short video from BBC Bitesize to help you understand the difference between fact and opinion. 

Below I have attached the answers to the comprehensions that I set earlier this week. You can use them to self mark your work. 





I would like you to write your setting description today about the Secret Garden. You will describe the garden as you enter it. What you can see, hear, smell, touch and how you feel. Make sure that you use your planning sheet from yesterday. 


I have attached a lined sheet with a border that you could print and write on. If you can't print this don't worry, you can write it in your exercise book or on a sheet of paper. 


I am looking forward to reading these, so please ask your grown ups to email me a copy. 



As it is arithmetic Friday, I have added an arithmetic test for each year group. 


The answers are on the last page but no peeking until you have completed the test. 


Good luck.



Enjoy a leisurely lunch break (it is Friday after all!)


After lunch we are going to stay with the Garden theme. You may be carrying on with your wildlife journal to see if there are any different creatures in your garden or outside area today.


I have a bird that has made its nest in my gutter. It keeps flying into the window on my landing trying to get inside my house. It did it for about an hour yesterday morning from about 6.30am!! It woke me up with the tapping on the glass. It must have had a headache by the time it decided to stop. It kept coming back at different times during the day and trying again. It really is a determined bird. 


I have attached a life cycle activity, you need to cut out the cards for the different life cycles and put them in the correct order. Share your answers with your grown ups and see if they agree with you.  


I have also attached a sheet for you to design your own ideal garden. Think about what you would like in there. How can you encourage nature into your garden? Will you have a bug hotel or a bird bath? Will you have roses or a large green lawn for football? I look forward to seeing your designs. I would like some lovely flower beds in my ideal garden with a nice patio and some comfortable chairs to sit and read. 



I would like you to make sure that you do something active today. Choose one of the garden games or make up one of your own. If you prefer to be inside then choose one of the many free activities on You Tube. (I still like Joe Wicks)


I spent time helping Jacob with his new bike yesterday and he is nearly there now. He has managed a few seconds without stabiliser. He will be off soon. 


Enjoy your day and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. 


Thought of the day:

Take care and stay safe this weekend. 


Love from 


Mrs Martin