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Friday 15th May



Hello! Happy nearly weekend! 

We've done another whole week of work and made it to Friday! Yay! 


Well done for another week of hard work - you're doing brilliantly! Maths today is all ready for you over on the Maths page - hidden objects today. Two words - PROVE IT! Then don't forget phonics! 
We miss you as always and cannot wait to see your smiling faces soon!


What have we been up to?


Miss Day: Hello one and all! It's Friday! Wahoooooo!

Yesterday was lovely and sunny! When we had a break in the afternoon we went up to play with the chickens. Poppy and Rosie are so big now - they're like real hens. Holly is holding them both and I've got Rosie on my shoulder. 
The new chicks we hatched over Easter are getting bigger now too! I took a close photo of Daisy's face. I like taking photos. Could you try taking a photo today? Maybe of something you find interesting - you could send it to us to see!


Happy Friday! 



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