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Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning Class 1/2A and Parent laugh


How is everyone this morning and its Friday, have you all got the Friday feeling and ready for the weekend. Have you any plans of what you are hoping to do? I am going to help my Dad with the gardening, got lots of weeds to pull out on the path ways, need to cut the grass and trim the hedge.

How did you get on with the Maths activities? Its tricky learning the time but don’t give up and keep practicing.

I hope you enjoy today’s activities and we are going to do our Learning for Life lesson for topic today.


Thank you the all the parents who are keeping in touch, please let me know if I can help in any way to support you and your child. My email address:


Today’s activities:

This is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:



Mrs Ahmad’s Group

Log onto Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home

Play Phase 5 flashcard speed trial game, then click on start and select all phases.



Today I would like you to do a phonics test.  We have done some of these test in school so hopefully you will be familiar with them. Let me know how you get on. Remember some are alien words and some are real words, use your phoneme fingers to sound out the words.

Click on the link when you are ready. GOOD LUCK!!


Click on the link to practice your suffixes

 Choose the correct suffix to complete the word. Drag and drop –s or –es into the box.



Independent Activity:

I have two activities for you to complete in phonics today.

Activity 1: Phoneme spotter where you have to highlight the words the end with s and es in the sentences.



Activity 2:  Use the word with s or es in one of the sentences below.





Mrs Green’s Group  

Log onto Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home

Today I would like you to practice your phonics. We have done some of test in school. Let me know how you get on. Remember some are alien words and some are real words.

Click on the link when you are ready. GOOD LUCK!!


I have found a new game for you to practice your trick words. Click on link when you are ready:

Learn to spell tricky words with this fun Penalty Shootout game! You can score a goal by clicking on the correct answer. But watch out! This goalkeeper finds it hard to lose! Phase 3 Tricky words in this game are: he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are.



Independent Activity:

Practice spelling CVCC words using the phoneme frames. Look carefully at the pictures and check with an adult if you are not sure.



Break Time:

Let’s do a mindfulness activity. Just click on the video


PSP Mindfulness 3

Parent & Carers Introduction to Mindfulness/Paws b


Mental and oral starter activity: Consolidate O’clock, half past quarter past times and quarter to times and reading the time to five minutes to the hour quarter past/ quarter to.

Click on the website and click on level 2



Click on the PowerPoint lesson 5


Children will use their knowledge of the week to complete various activities involving time: o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and in five minute intervals.
Ask questions such as:
Show me ___ on the clock?
What time is shown on the clock?
Can you draw the time on the clock?
Which clock matches the time shown?
Can you create your own clock using your knowledge of hours and minutes.



Independent Maths Activities:


Activity 1: Game – Time loop cards play as a loop game or a domino activity.




Activity 2: Game – Bingo Game -Two different game boards requiring children to either draw or write a time. Children can play for a line or house to win.




Activity 3: Create your own times, practice writing and drawing the times you don’t feel confident.


Activity 4: Ask children to set the time to various times to 5 minute intervals:



Break Time

I thinks time for us to get moving with super movers. Let’s try level 2

today. When you are ready click on link to play the video.




Here's a PowerPoint so that you can learn all about it so that you'll sound like a real expert when you do your writing:






Here's what you'll need to record. Remember to look back at the PowerPoint to make sure that your information is accurate.


Lunch Time: Am sure you are ready for some lunch! I am going for my comfort break and see you after lunch.


Guided Reading

Today I would like you to read the newsletter that some of our children have written and then complete the quiz. Am sure you will enjoy reading it!!








Learning for Life

In today's activity you will be thinking about people who are special to you. The person you choose may be someone who is keeping you safe and helping you with your home learning right now or it may be someone that you haven't been able to meet up with recently.



Work through this PowerPoint to get you thinking and then complete the spider - gram task.



This one can be printed out or copied on to paper:



If you use the spider-gram document below and you're working on a computer, you can type straight onto the document.

Story Time: Its a nice way to finish the day. when you are ready click on the video to play.


Everybody worries by John Burgerman -stories with Mrs H

Everybody worries by John Burgerman -stories with Mrs H It's ok to worry about Coronavirus. This book offers support to children who are feeling worried by c...

I hope you have a lovely day and remember always do your best and be good for your parents.


Have a nice weekend and see you all on Monday.


Bye for now and see you all soon.


Love Mrs Ahmad!!! wink