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Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning 2S,

It's almost the weekend again! Can you believe it!?


How have you got on with the Maths this week? I hope you're finding it easier now that I can give you the direct links to the videos. It's great that you can get the answers to the worksheets, too. This week has given you lots of opportunities to practice your addition and subtraction skills so today you'll be doing some times tables practice and a full mental arithmetic test. I know you'll get a great score.


But first, how about joining Joe Wicks for 'Fancy Dress Friday'?

 We're going to do things in a slightly different order today as I have something special to share with you which will be today's Reading task. 

Below is the first issue of the Fixby Family Newsletter all about what some of the children from school have been doing during their 'lockdown'. Just wait until you see who it is from our class! Read through all of the pages and then there's a quiz for you to do, too.


Spelling work

It's all rather tricky this week, isn't it? Homophones are hard but when you use them correctly, anyone reading your writing is always VERY impressed.

For your 'test' on Monday, I will give you some sentences with a missing word to fill in.

On this PowerPoint there are activities and games to help you practice what we've been learning about this week. Who will win the memory game at the end? Lilia always beats me!


There are some more homophone activities here (and they include answers):

I know that some of you love a game so here's one for homophones:




Here's a PowerPoint so that you can learn all about it so that you'll sound like a real expert when you do your writing:

Here's what you'll need to record. Remember to look back at the PowerPoint to make sure that your information is accurate.


Let's start as we usually do with a Flashbacks page. You must be quick at pressing the Play button so that you don't see the answers by now!

These games are both awesome for practicing your times tables:

Here's a quick link to the 2S Maths folder where you'll find all of our Olympic Times Tables Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

I can't wait to see how amazing you are with your times tables when we get back to school.


Just before you do the Mental Arithmetic Test, here are today's Problems of the Day:


Here's the Mental Arithmetic test. Just write your answers in a list and you can check them at the end as you'll find them on page 8.

Learning For Life

In today's activity you will be thinking about people who are special to you. The person you choose may be someone who is keeping you safe and helping you with your home learning right now or it may be someone that you haven't been able to meet up with recently.



Work through this PowerPoint to get you thinking and then complete the spider-gram task.

If you use the spider-gram document above and you're working on a computer, you can type straight onto the document.

This one can be printed out or copied on to paper:

I hope that you have a good weekend and have lots of fun with your family.


See you on Monday.


Lots of love from

Mrs S xxx