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Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning 5/6AA.  How are you all today?  I am still writing your reports and it has reminded me how wonderful you are and how much I miss you.  Some of you might have noticed that there is a new folder on our class page called Newsletters.  In there you will find a newsletter and a newsletter quiz.  You will also be able to access them below because I know that some of you won't look in the folder.  So, before you start your tasks today can you please read the newsletter.  Then this afternoon I would like you to have a go at the newsletter quiz.  Here they are:


Now that you have read the newsletter, here are your tasks for today:


Click here to go to the BBC Bitesize lesson about finding fractions of an amount.  Watch the two videos and then complete the two worksheets.  You can also access the worksheets by clicking on the files below.


Now click here and answer the questions in the Friday Quiz.



Read the information about asteroids and then answer the multiple choice and the short questions.  


You may have finished writing your sci-fi narrative or you may need some more time to complete the ending.  Whichever stage you are at, today you will need to finish your narrative, read it and check that it flows and makes sense.  Then you need to read it again this time checking your spelling and punctuation.  If you can, email your narrative to me (my email address is I would love to read it.  You will find the WAGOLL for today below.  You can use this if you need some more ideas or to help you up level your work.

Mrs Walker's group A


Please click on the file below to get your work.  It is all about the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.  You might want to write them down before you start.  This will help you to answer the questions.

Mrs Walker's group B


Please click on the files below to get your work for today.  The first worksheet will give you some more practice in multiplying a three digit number by a one digit number.  If you would like a challenge click here to watch a video that shows you how to multiply a three digit number by a two digit number.  Then answer the questions on the second worksheet.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups.


Read the emails again.  Today you are going to answer the questions on pages 6, 7 and 8 (from question 13).  When you have finished use the answer sheet to mark your work and make any corrections.


Please click on the file below to get your work.  All the information that you need is on the worksheet.

Whole class

Afternoon work

Please complete the newsletter quiz.  When you have done that, click here to find out how to make your own solar system.  You don't need much equipment, just some paper and colouring pens or pencils.  Then try to make your own solar system.