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Friday 15th May

Happy Friday


Wow these weeks go so quickly. I can't believe it is the weekend again already. The weather is supposed to be good again, so hopefully you will be able to get outside and enjoy a bit of it during your exercise or in your gardens. We have a fancy dress music quiz on Saturday night so I am looking forward to that and laughing at everyone's crazy costumes.


Some of you may have noticed I have added a new folder called Newsletter. Inside is a copy of the Fixby Family Newsletter (I have added it as a link at the top of the page as well). This is the one I've been asking you to send me things for. Have a look and see who from school you can spot and catch up on what other children have been doing - why not try the Quiz that is also attached. Don't worry if you didn't send anything in this time there will be another chance soon.


Maths first today we have another Friday Family Challenge from the White Rose.

Summer Term - Week 4 (w/c 11th May) - Friday Maths Challenge.


The English work is your last chance to read and magpie idea for your Sci-Fi creative writing task. I am so excited to see your completed stories. The Guided Reading has two questions paper, one is skim and scan multiple choice questions and the second require longer answers. The final WAGOLL is very good, I like the way there are lots of unanswered questions at the start which leaves you wanting to read on.


Next I want you all to read for pleasure today for a minimum of 15 minutes, any book you have at home. Or you can visit the Reading folder and log on to any of the free online book resources. The Accelerated Reader quizzes are a bit low this month and I would like a big push to get a few more quizzes taken and passed. You have lots of free time at the moment and I want you to use to start really enjoying your reading. I have lost count of how many books I have read during the evenings and on weekends, its a great way to spend time when you get bored. If the weather is good sit outside in the garden or if not find a cozy spot to curl up and READ, READ, READ!

Finally, we are going to have a 'Boring' lesson in Geography. Actually, Boring is a town in Maryland, with a population of about 450 people 20 miles north of Baltimore. I challenge you to use google maps, the internet or an atlas to find funny names of towns all over the world. A place I have driven through several times in North Yorkshire is called 'Giggleswick' and I always imagine it must be a fun place to live where everyone laughs all the times and tell lots of jokes. So I want you to find the name of a place anywhere in the world that is funny. Then you can draw or write about the place, I need facts like the population, how big it is, does it have special landmarks and where it is. But also I want to know what the name makes you wonder about the place. So for example, I wonder if Boring in Maryland is a really boring place to live, they have no parks or fun places to visit and a rule that says you are not allowed to have music or any kind of fun. I want you to send me your research, pictures and funny 'wonderings'. I challenge you to see if you can make me laugh.


Have fun and enjoy your weekend.


Mrs Garside