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Friday 15th May

Happy Friday everyone - we have one week left until half term!


I'm in school today, but not having you all here with me makes me feel even sadder than normal. Today is normally one of my favourite days of the year - actually, it probably is the best. Today is normally the last day of SATs week. Our final exam would have been on Thursday, and today is always picnic day with ice creams. It is a celebration of everything that you have achieved throughout your time at Fixby. 

Life is unfair sometimes, and you have unfortunately had this opportunity taken away from you. I promise you though, when we get back on June the 1st, we will celebrate how amazing each and every one of you are. The effort you have put in certainly hasn't gone to waste, and please be aware that we all think the world of you.

You have an incredibly proud teacher.


I miss you all more than you will ever believe!

Have a great end to the week, and an even better weekend!

Mr R-H

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. Today is problem solving Friday - you have to try and get as far down the challenge as you possibly can!

If you go through the link, the questions and answers can be opened on the side. Enjoy!

Click on Friday Maths Challenge. 

The English work is your last chance to read and magpie idea for your Sci-Fi creative writing task. I am so excited to see your completed stories. The Guided Reading has two questions paper, one is skim and scan multiple choice questions and the second require longer answers. The final WAGOLL is very good, I like the way there are lots of unanswered questions at the start which leaves you wanting to read on.


Finally, we are going to have a 'Boring' lesson in Geography. Actually, Boring is a town in Maryland, with a population of about 450 people 20 miles north of Baltimore. I challenge you to use google maps, the internet or an atlas to find funny names of towns all over the world. A place I have driven through several times in North Yorkshire is called 'Giggleswick' and I always imagine it must be a fun place to live where everyone laughs all the times and tell lots of jokes. So I want you to find the name of a place anywhere in the world that is funny. Then you can draw or write about the place, I need facts like the population, how big it is, does it have special landmarks and where it is. But also I want to know what the name makes you wonder about the place. So for example, I wonder if Boring in Maryland is a really boring place to live, they have no parks or fun places to visit and a rule that says you are not allowed to have music or any kind of fun. I want you to send me your research, pictures and funny 'wonderings'. I challenge you to see if you can make me laugh.

This is one we will present back to the class when we arrive back on June 1st!