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Friday 17th July 2020

Happy Final Friday Year 4,


This is the last day that you will be in Year 4. When you return to school in September you will be Year 5. What a very strange year we have had. I wish that I had been able to teach you all for a full year. I feel sad that I lost you half way through. I am super proud of the way you have all coped with this very different time and I know that you will all achieve amazing things in Year 5. 


Enjoy your last day in Year 4. Please let me know what your plans are for the holidays. I would love to hear from you today before the summer break. 


Take care and stay safe. 


Love from 


Mrs Martin


Good Morning 4A, 

Today is the last day of term!!!!! We have made it this far and I am so proud of you all. You have made my first year of teaching the best I could have imagined it to be! All the ups and downs were worth it and I am proud of all the memories we made in 4A! I will miss you all so so much next year and I can't wait to see you all on the first day back when you go into your new classes. 


I hope you all have the best summer holiday; switch off work and have some fun. Hopefully, we will get some nice weather so we can enjoy our time off in the sun (fingers crossed). 


I am always here if you need anything, 


lots of love, 

Miss Anwar x

Today's activities are all about finding out about you, and getting ready for September. However, you still have a maths lesson to complete also.



Today's maths work is all about counting in thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Complete the worksheet and then mark it yourself using the answers.

Let Me Introduce Myself


As you will be starting in your new class in September, we thought it would be lovely to write a short letter to your new teacher, introducing yourself. You can then email your teacher with this, and we will pass it on for you. 

This letter is all about you, so tell us facts about you, facts about your family, your likes and dislikes, your future plans (what you would like to be as a grownup), your feelings about school and your personality.



Today's reading comprehension is called The New School. This is about a little girl who feels nervous as she moves to a new school. You may feel nervous about coming back to school in September, and that is okay.

Find out more by reading the text and then answering the questions.

Art Work


This afternoon we would like you to create a family portrait. This can include as many of your family as you wish. You can draw, paint or even collage them, it's completely up to you how you wish to do this. We would love to see a photo of this when it is completed. 

Here are some examples: