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Friday 19th June


Happy Friday Year 3!

How are you all? It's crazy how quickly this week has gone!


Yesterday I spent my day planning and preparing our reading lessons for when we return to school. It's all about a really exciting story, which we will also be looking at in our writing, so I can't wait till we can share it with you! 


Even though the excitement is wearing down now on you working from home, I am still hearing how hard you are all working, which makes me so proud. It is not only you who is working hard too. Your grownups at home are doing an amazing job, being your 'teachers'. Mrs Allen, Mrs Ahmed and Mr Raven-Hill are working hard to put lots of plans in place to keep everyone in school safe, and are busy planning for an eventual return for all of us to come to school at some point. I can't wait for that to happen!


Our Year 3 and 4 team have worked extremely hard the last couple of weeks, including the teaching assistants, as we have nearly got all our lessons planned for the first half term back in school once everything goes back to 'normal' and our classrooms are looking great!


It's one big team effort in the Fixby Family and for that I feel like we should give ourselves a big pat on the back!

You are all awesome!


Have a lovely weekend, and we'll speak to you on Monday.

Love from,

Miss North x 


Hi Year 3,


I echo what Miss North has said above. We know that you are working hard at home and we have also been working hard in school. We can't wait to share all of our hard work with everyone when you all come back. A school just is not the same without ALL of the children. 


I can't believe that it is Friday again. We only have 4 weeks of the summer term left. This school year has flown by even though it has been a very strange one. 


Have a super weekend and I look forward to speaking to you again on Monday.


Love from Mrs Martin



It is Arithmetic Friday. Please find this weeks test below. 


Remember no peeking at the answers until you have had a go at answering all of the questions first. Let us know what score you got!



Did you know it is Father's Day on Sunday. Today we will be writing a poem for a special male role model in your life. It could be your dad, grandad, uncle, brother, friend. It is up to you.

Have a look through the PowerPoint to give you some ideas. There is a template for you to use if you wish.



Today's reading activity is all about Apollo 13. Here is some background information before you begin the activity.


Read the text, then answer the questions attached.

Our Wellbeing


Today we will be focusing on our wellbeing and what this means. We have found a lesson which tells you all about our wellbeing and what we can do to support it. Click to have a look through the PowerPoint linked below.


Below are 4 different activities linked to what you have just learnt in the PowerPoint. Take your pick about what you would like to do. They are all different so it's up to you what you wish to complete.