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Friday 19th June 2020


Good Morning Children and Your Parents laugh


We hope you are all keeping well. It's Friday again and we come to the end of another school week. Where are the weeks going!? Are you ready for your weekend break? Have you made any plans for the weekend? The weather is supposed to be nice over the weekend, so hopefully you will be able to do something nice outdoors or meet up with your friends or family or even go on a shopping trip. 


Did you enjoy the topic work yesterday? Wasn't it interesting to learn all about the Philippines and it was very kind of Miss Sykes to share all the information with us.


Today’s activities:

This is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:


Phonics: Today’s phonic story is called ‘The Gnome’. We are still learning to read and write sentences with words containing gn.


Activity 1: Complete a mini booklet about the story ‘The Gnome’. Write sentences to match with the story pictures and remember your capital letters, commas, finger spaces and full stops.


Activity 2: Read the story and answer the questions linked to it.



Break Time:

Let’s do a mindfulness activity. Just click on the video.

Why Are Some People Mean? | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

Why Are Some People Mean? | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids Why are people mean sometimes? In this video, Jaime explains why people can be mean - ...

Mental and Oral Starter:

First, here's a quick link to the Maths folder where you'll find all of our Olympic Times Tables Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

You can practice any of them, remembering that you're aiming to complete a strip in approximately one minute.

We really can't wait to see how amazing you are with your times tables when we get back to school.



Here's your Flashback page to help you remember things that we've already done:

Press play quickly when you open up the PowerPoint so that you don't see the answers until you're ready!

Today you are going to complete an Arithmetic test. When you are ready you can start and make sure you read the calculations carefully. The answers are on the back page for you to check but make sure you don't peep! GOOD LUCK!


To finish with, here are today's Problems of the Day:



Break Time

I think it's time for us to get moving with Super Movers. When you are ready click on the link to play the video.




Today we’re going to be thinking about what we find on the ground in the autumn time.

Do you love collecting conkers from the horse chestnut trees?

Have you ever searched for acorns?

Who loves kicking the colourful autumn leaves?

Have you ever tried to spin the helicopter seeds from a sycamore tree?

I love pine cones, do you?

We’ll then be using them in a numbers rhyme similar to ‘Ten Green Bottles’ or ‘Five Little Ducks’ where the numbers get lower and lower in each verse. It will also include similes.



On the ground Mindmaps:


It would be lovely if you were to write out your autumn numbers rhyme really neatly in your best handwriting with pictures to match.


Lunch time:  You must all be ready for lunch by now.


Guided Reading:

We are now going to look at the ending of the story. Let’s see if your predictions were correct. We have really enjoyed reading this story and we hope you have too. It might be nice to listen to the whole story from the beginning.

The Scarecrows' Wedding - Give Us A Story!

Lovebirds Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay plan to tie the knot. But things do not quite go according to plan... Will they manage to pull off the Scarecrows' W...

Remember, you can pause the story at any time to answer the questions. There is a ‘Wanted Poster’ for you to complete at the end.

Here are your tasks:


Learning for Life

In today’s lesson we are going to be thinking what things we like to touch that make us feel nice and comfortable. Have a look around at home for objects that feel feel rough, smooth, cold, hot, spiky etc…  Which ones do you like the feel of? Which ones do you not like? It is good to be able to say what you think. This is called 'having your own opinion'. Not everyone will like the same textures.


Listen to the story ‘Hug’ by Jez Alborough


Hug Book by Jez Alborough | Online Picture Books | Online Kids Books | Kids Learn To Read

Kids Learn To Read | Online Picture Books with Visual Storytelling for Kids | Jasmine reads aloud the picture book, Hug by Jez Alborough. #hugbook #onlinepic...

Read this poem and think about the sort of touches they you like.



What sort of touches do you like?

How does it make you feel?

What sort of touches do you not like?

How does that feel?


Independent Activity:

Draw and write about the types of touch they like e.g. hug, tickle, hair being brushed, etc. and say why.


Remember that that there are lots of different ways we can be touched. Some we may like and some we might not. Some are acceptable and some are unacceptable. Remember that it is OK to speak up and say that you don’t like being touched in a certain way.


Lets finish our day with a story. We're sure that you'll like this one.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch read by Hector Elizondo

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch is written by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Paul Yalowitz and read by Hector Elizondo. Mr. Hatch is a drab, predictable gentl...

We hope that you have enjoyed the week and we know how hard you are all working. Have a lovely weekend and remember keep safe and look after yourselves. 


We have put together a range of activities for Father's Day. If you would like to make something for Father's Day, or for someone who is special to you, then you will find them in the folder next to your photographs and videos.


Bye for now and we shall see you all next week.

Love from

Miss Stansfield and Mrs Ahmad laugh