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Friday 1st May

Happy Friday.


Wow can you believe it is May already and I haven't seen you all since March! I am really missing you all.


I'm still waiting for some pictures of your Random Acts of Kindness or any of you Wellbeing ideas for Mrs Ahmed's Newsletter (I've had one - check it out on our Photo Gallery).


Maths today is a bit different, I am going to use yesterday's BBC Bitesize Daily lesson on division, its is one of those skills we can all do with a quick refresh on and will be great to increase those Arithmetic scores. Click on the link and watch the videos for some help. I have attached a worksheet so you can get lots of practice. 

If you want to challenge yourself White Rose are putting their Friday Maths Challenge on so have a look at that as well. 

For Guided Reading we are going to have a vocabulary focus on the Chapter two from 'Private Peaceful'. You had the text yesterday and you have the link for online if you need it. The table needs completing, the first one has been done as an example. Don't cheat and go online before you have used the context to have a best guess at the meaning of the word.
To end the Spag Focus, I am going to give you a mini Spag test. You need to test yourself as to what you have remembered from this weeks learning. Answer the questions and check your answers. If you still need to learn about a certain area of Spag go and revise on the BBC Bitesize page.
Our final task today is something I am really excited about. I am going to send you on an amazing trip (virtually). I found this idea on line and when I started researching it I found lots of fantastic websites, so have fun and I want to hear all about the amazing places you have been.

Have fun and don't forget to email me examples of the work you are doing. It really makes me smile to see all the hard work and creative ideas you have.


Take care and have a lovely weekend. I will speak to you on Monday.


Mrs Garside