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Friday 1st May 2020


Happy Friday my lovelies! It's the 1st of May today! Where did April go?


One more day of work to do, then it's the weekend!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow as we are having a big family quiz over FaceTime. We did one a couple of weeks ago and my team WON, so hopefully we can stay reigning champions.


Yesterday I had quite a calm day, but I did sleep through my alarm. Oops. I had a lovely catch-up FaceTime call with Mrs Martin and Miss Anwar and we talked about all of the fun activities that we are planning for when we get back to school. We have even been planning for when you start in Year 4 with your new teacher. That is a long way off now though and we will definitely all be together again before you move to your new year groups. (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)


Scroll down to see your daily afternoon work. Make sure that you click your groups folder to do the correct work.

If you work with Miss Johnson, please use the work from the folder below:

Song of the day

Fun Friday

This song is called Nursery Rhyme Nonsense

This delightful nonsense song puts a rather different perspective on lots of well-loved nursery rhymes that kids of all ages will love!

I would like you to watch the BBC Explorers video about Neil Armstrong's historic visit to the moon. There is also a PowerPoint which gives you further information about Neil Armstrong. 


After watching the video and reading the PowerPoint, create a timeline about his key events. There are 5 important years to think about: 1930, 1945, 1966, 1969 and 2012.

Draw a picture of what happened in those years, and write a short caption describing what was happening. Here is a template you could copy, or you could draw your own:


Finally, I would like you to create your very own space picture. Below are some examples, however, you can be as creative as you like. Use whatever materials you like. You could even make a model rather than a picture if you choose. I look forward to seeing them. 

Have a lovely weekend!


Stay safe, keep smiling and I'll see you soon!


Love from Miss North (and Mrs Buttery, Mrs Norris and Miss Johnson)