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Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning 2S  


How are you today? Did you see the video that Miss Day posted on our school Facebook page earlier this week? It was about ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ and here is the link that she included:

You have all been set a challenge to have a go at one of these acts in order to spread kindness! Maybe you have your own ideas but please share with us anything you have done.


Miss Day really should be a television presenter because here's another of her videos that she posted yesterday:

She thought you might not know the finger spelling alphabet, but I'm sure that you will remember doing it during our Marvellous Me topic during the autumn term. Here's the alphabet with drawings of the hands to help you a little bit more:





Can you sign 'My name is...' and send it to me as a video clip? Remember that you can look in the  ‘Photos and videos of you and your work’ folder to see what your friends have been up to! There are lots of lovely pictures (which include a LEGO model of me!) and one video so far.


We would normally have our special Learning for Life lessons on Fridays and I think these two activities are definitely L4L skills. Please try your best to include them in your day.


Here is the link if you would like to start your day with Joe Wicks PE:


Here are the activities that I'd like you to complete today:



Yesterday, you learnt about the trickiest rule for adding the -ing suffix to verbs. This next PowerPoint will remind you of this and also teach you about all of the other rules that you also have to follow:

I played this game with some children in school on Tuesday and we enjoyed it. (There are 2 versions and they have answers too.) You will need a dice and a counter each: borrow them from another game that you have at home. It really makes you think about the rules that you have to follow before you can add the -ing suffix.

If you keep this picture on your screen, it will help you whilst you are playing the game.

You can also try out this game on Phonics Play but you'll need to register on Phonics Play if you haven't already done this and sign in. It works best on a computer as it needs Adobe Flash.


Yesterday, you imagined that you had been to the Moon and thought about what you could see and feel. You also thought about experiments that you did and the hazards (dangers) that you had to avoid. 


Don't lose your work from yesterday because you will be needing it next week.


Today we're going to look at some postcards. These were written by children who have visited the capital cities of the UK - they haven't been lucky enough to visit the Moon!


Please read through Slides 1-6 of this Powerpoint:

Here are some questions to answer about their postcards:

Next week, we'll be exploring 'blogs' and how these have become more popular than postcards. You will then be writing your own blog.


We'll be continuing today with our new topic: Length but first we need to revise the

greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols.


Do you remember our trick for using these symbols?

We draw 2 dots next to the biggest number :

and only one dot next to the smallest number .


Then we join them up in order TOP - MIDDLE - BOTTOM.


You now need to go to White Rose Maths for the next lesson:


It's in Summer Term - Week 2 and is Lesson 1 - Compare lengths.

Click on the arrow below the ant and the video will play. You may want to set it to full screen and make sure that the volume is up, too!


It starts with a Flashback, including revision of telling the time and other topics that we have done earlier in the year. You'll need to pause the video so that you have time to think about the answers, though.


You'll have lots to think about when he shows you the ant and the bee. Remember we normally start measuring from zero, but the insects have not been put on the ruler correctly so you'll have to look more carefully and count on. Also look at his tricks for the car and bus question. He uses bar models really well.

(I'm not sure why it says, have a go at question 7 at the end, though as it just goes back to the start!)

When you've worked through the video you can click on Get the Activity or just answer the questions from here:
You can also get the answers.

I'd also like you to practice your times tables today. Remember, they're all saved in the Maths folder so you can work on whichever Bronze, Silver and Gold awards that you need to do.


Here's a game that you can play, too:

It links really well to your times tables practice. Again, try any tables that you need to work on.


Yesterday you watched the first three minutes of Helen Sharman's new video. In the rest of the video, children ask her questions about life in Space and how this compares with being in isolation at home.

Watch the rest of the video, thinking about which of the questions were the most interesting and what you would like to know.

Ask an astronaut with Britain's first astronaut Helen Sharman

The UK's first astronaut has offered her advice and experience to children and young people across the borough, on how to deal with isolation and being away ...

If you could ask Helen Sharman 3 questions what would they be?

Write them out in your best handwriting and remember to start with a capital letter and end with a question mark (?).

Try to use a different question word for each one.










How does Helen's video help us cope with isolation? Use bullet points to write a list of her tips.




I'm not putting any extra Topic work on here for you today, but you may have something that you're working on from the Topic Grid or you might want to try something else.



I wonder if anyone has made any alien puppets yet. Maybe you could get ideas from 'Bob - The Man in the Moon' book. Here it is again as it's always great to re-read a book as it helps your reading to become more fluent:

Linking back with the sign language that we did at the start of the day, here's one of our favourite songs which has sign language actions. You'll know which one I mean as we always think that the man looks like Mr Raven-Hill!


Isn't that a great way to finish the day? Remember just how special you are and make sure that you show your parents how amazing you are by behaving beautifully ALL weekend!

See you on Monday,

Lots of love from

Mrs Stansfield



P.s. Have you thought about what your random act of kindness might be?