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Friday 1st May

Morning lovely people.


I'm in school today - I will be driving in for just before 8, so if you live close to school, feel free to stand by your door and wave at me! I'm in my black fiesta - our silver one is at the garage (somebody scraped down the side of it when we were shopping - thankfully there were witnesses so it isn't costing anything).


I'm going to make some phone calls today, so hopefully I may get to speak to some of you. I normally find when I do this, you go very shy, so please don't! 


It's exciting to be going into school, because it is something different from staying in the house every day, however i know it'll feel sad being there without seeing any of you. I may wander into our classroom for a bit.


Anyway, I'm mumbling on again, I'll leave you to it. Have a great day.

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's continuing our work on angles. Watch the video for Summer Term week 2 Lesson 5, then do the worksheets and check the answers. This is another day of problem solving, but a bit different. The problems get progressively (increasingly) more difficult. So you have to challenge yourself to get as far as possible!


For Guided Reading we are going to have a vocabulary focus on the Chapter two from 'Private Peaceful'. You had the text yesterday and you have the link for online if you need it. The table needs completing, the first one has been done as an example. Don't cheat and go online before you have used the context to have a best guess at the meaning of the word.

Instead of SPAG, today we're going to do more reading. I think you'll love this one!


There are 2 videos and 3 activities.

Our final task today is something I am really excited about. I am going to send you on an amazing trip (virtually). Mrs Garside found this idea on line and when she started researching it, found lots of fantastic websites, so have fun and I want to hear all about the amazing places you have been. I'd like you to create a presentation, it can be a poster, a speech or something online. I'd really like you to send me examples of these - film them if you like and email them to me