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Friday 1st May

Hi 3/4M


Happy Friday to you all.


It is the 1st of May today! Have you heard the saying that if you say 'White Rabbits' on the first day of the month before midday, you will have good luck for the whole month? It is a superstition from Britain and North America. I am not sure if I believe it but I gave it a go this morning. So let's see what type of month I have!!

White Rabbit

I spent some time planning yesterday. I was looking at Topics for next year. Year 3 children, you will do the work I have been planning with your new Year 4 teachers. Year 4, you will be in Year 5 in September and will be doing work with the Upper Key Stage Two team. That is a long way off now though and we will definitely all be together again before you move to your new year groups. (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)


I have received some super photos of the different activities that you have been working on. I have been sent images of parachutes and egg experiments, along with stories about The Magic Tree. It is great to see them all. I am going to set up a folder on our web page to showcase all your hard work. I just need your grown ups permission and I can put your work on there. 


Please see below for today's work:




Today, I have added a reading comprehension for one of my favourite children's texts, Leon and the Place Between. Some of you may have read this, as I have a copy on the book shelf in our classroom. 

Read the text and then answer the questions. The answers are provided but please don't check them until afterwards. You can be teacher and mark your own work. 

Reading Comprehension



Yesterday, we looked at using apostrophes for contractions. Today, we are going to look at apostrophes for possession. 


Watch the video from BBC Bitesize and then look at the powerpoint presentation. (Just focus on the possession apostrophes.)


I have then attached a worksheet for you to complete. You need to re-write the sentences making sure you put the apostrophe in the CORRECT place. I will post answers for these on Monday





I have decided that Friday is going to become Arithmetic day!


I have therefore attached a Year 3 and Year 4 arithmetic test for you to complete. The answers are on the last page but no peeking until you have completed the test. 

Take your lunch break and give your brain a well deserved rest. 


Only one afternoon left and it is the weekend. Yipppeee!!!


After lunch, I would like you to watch the BBC Explorers video about Neil Armstrong's historic visit to the moon. I have also included a powerpoint which gives you further information about Neil Armstrong. 


After watching the video and reading the powerpoint, you need to answer the comprehension questions about Neil Armstrong and create a timeline about his key events. 


Finally, I would like you to create your very own space picture. I have included a sheet with some examples to help. However, you can be as creative as you like. Use whatever materials you like. You could even make a model rather than a picture if you choose. I look forward to seeing them. 


Have a great weekend. Love from Mrs Martin.