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Friday 22nd May 2020

Good morning 4A,


I am writing this super early on Thursday in the hope to get some work out to you in advance because I know some of you will be celebrating Eid over the next few days. I want you to have a fun and enjoyable time, rather than thinking about work. For those of you who are not celebrating, it is also the start of half term so let's get the work out of the way so you can have lots of fun!


I hope you use half term as an opportunity to have lots of rest and fun. Hopefully the weather will be nice and you can spend lots of time outside. You all deserve a break as you've worked really hard. not just in lockdown, but also over the year in general. I hope we get to spend at least one day together before you go into Year 5. The news is changing all the time so we will have to see what happens. It is crazy to think that when I first met you all, you were still in Year 3 and soon, you will be going into Year 5! 


I would like to take this opportunity to wish those of you who celebrate Eid Mubarak. I hope you have an amazing day with your families and get to eat lots of delicious food! How do you spend your Eid day? For some families, Eid can last up to 3 days. For my family, we apply mendhi to our hands the night before Eid and get our clothes ready for the special day. On the morning of Eid, it is usually chaos as we have to get up super early, get ready and go to mosque for a special prayer. When we come home, we eat a creamy dessert for breakfast (it would be rude not to when you've been fasting for 30 days!!!!!). We then give and receive gifts and money to our family, known as Eidhi. The rest of the day is spent eating, eating and more eating. On the second day of Eid, we would usually see our extended family and do pretty much the same thing. The third day of Eid is usually an opportunity for us to see family who live far away. I have family in London and Glasgow who I don't get to see very often. 


I would love to know how you celebrate Eid and what you get up to over half term. Please feel free to email me. 


Have a great week, 

lots of love, 

Miss Anwar x


I would like you to do 30 minutes or so of TT Rockstars so that we're keeping up with our fluent recall of our times tables. 


If you fancy some thing different, White Rose Maths have given some problem solving challenges for you to do. Challenge 3 to 6 are the ones which are most suitable for our age range. I have attached the answers too! 



I have attached a reading comprehension about Eid as I though it was very fitting. Please complete pages 1 to 2 and page 3 is the answer sheet. 


Islamic Art

I have found a guide on how to draw a piece of Islamic Art step by step. Islamic Art is based on geometrical patterns and designs, faces and features are not used.  Shapes are used and tessellated, this means they are repeated in such a way that there are no gaps. Common shapes are triangles, squares and hexagons. 



Here are some examples that I have done before.

If you would like to do something different, you can design your own mendhi pattern. If you have mendhi at home, once you've designed your pattern, try doing it on your self or one of your family members.