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Friday 22nd May

Morning lovely people - happy Friday - the last day before half term.


Can you believe it? We've done a whole half term of home learning. I'll be honest - I hate it. On days like Wednesday and Thursday, when the sun is shining, I occasionally feel like I could get used to it, however for the vast majority of time, I just miss being in the classroom. I miss maths! I miss the teachers. But most of all, I miss you guys.


Yesterday was another paddling pool day for Seth - he has a big slide, and put this so it ended up in the pool - he must have gone down it 100 times; each time making Lauren panic that he was going to fall off. He was howling with laughter - so were we. 


I told you at the beginning of lockdown that I was going to learn to cook. Although I'm still not great in the kitchen, I've found my niche. I am excellent on a BBQ. We had meat from the farm shop delivered this week and I cooked chicken, steak and burgers to absolute perfection. Even Lauren was impressed, and that's saying something!


Enough from me - miss you all!

For maths today I'd like you to focus on the white rose home learning. It's Problem Solving Day! You must get down as many problems as you possibly can - when you've got to the really difficult ones, see if your parents or siblings can do them - even they will find the last ones tricky! Week 5 lesson 5

For Guided Reading, we have an extract from Billionaire Boy. If you haven't read this book it is very good, I would definitely recommend it.


Please, Please, Please be attempting some Accelerated Reader quizzes as well!

In English we are going to practice doing something we do a lot of in our lessons: writing from the perspective of a character. We normally do lots of build up to really understand a character and then we find it easier to write in the way that they think.

Really try and use the skills we've learnt over our year together. Enjoy:

Finally, we are going to look at learning for life lesson about being News Wise. This is particularly important at the moment when there are lots of News stories out there that may worry us and we need to decide which ones to believe or not. There are activities to do as you work through the booklet. You do not need to print it all off, just read the information and do the tasks on paper.

I hope you all have a wonderful week off.


Then I cannot wait to see those of you who are coming into school on June 1st.

For those of you who aren't, I will continue to write these things for you everyday. I'd really like those of you who aren't coming in to email me with updates, etc, so I know how you're doing.


Miss you all!