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Friday 22nd May


Hello - hey, hey, hey... did you know... IT'S FRIDAY!!!!


Shall we have another dance party?


Just because it's Friday?

Let's go Elton John again - this time, I'm Still Standing - let's dance!

Come on Miss Newburn, I know you're reading this, get dancing! 


Photos/videos of dancing my be rewarded with shiny scratch and sniff stickers... Ooo I know, they're the best stickers! What's your favourite song? Send me one back!


We filmed a little sign language video for the rest of school on 'greetings' and some useful words, you did so well with finger spelling last time I thought you might like this one too. I'll pop it at the bottom. 

I'm writing this on Thursday because I'll be in school all day today. I'll be with Miss Smith taking care of some of the children who have been going to school throughout lock down; because both of their parents have to work. I'll miss you all! 


What did we do yesterday? 
Miss Day: The post man came early today and brought Holly a package from her Auntie Kathryn, it was a lovely jigsaw full of famous women throughout history who have all done incredible things! 
We dropped all our school work and tumbled all 500 pieces out onto the kitchen table. I LOVE a jigsaw, do you? We sorted out all the edge pieces and then started finding pieces for Marie Curie, Hillary Clinton and Cleopatra! Next half term our topic would be, 'How high can I jump?' We would have been looking at a wonderful woman called Amelia Earhart - she did something amazing, see if you can find out!


Our jigsaw started a big conversation about what all these women had done and how in different ways they all had to be brave. We all have to be brave sometimes. Some of us are being brave right now during this different time of life. 


We started talking about how other people being brave can help us be more brave. Holly said, 'Is that why you have that badge on your work tag?' 
'What badge?'

'The one about strong girls?'

'Oh yes! It reminds me to be brave too'!


I'd totally forgotten about that but she reminded me about it! 


We see you all be brave all the time at school. When you ask someone new to play with you, when you stand up and share your work with the class, when you fall over and even though it really hurts, you let us put smiley plasters on your elbows and knees. Sometimes we have to shout, 'Nurse Newbuuuurn' she comes and helps us. 

Can you think of a time you had to be brave? 


Have a lovely Friday! 


Miss Day :)

Sign Language Greetings

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