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Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday 3/4M


It is the last day that I will be posting school work for a week as it is the half term holiday next week. You can all have a nice rest. Many of you will be celebrating Eid during this time and I hope you have a super time. Although it may be a little different to your usual Eid celebrations. Eid Mubarak to you and all your families from me. 


I am going to have a break from working too and spend some quality time with Jacob, Harry and Mr Martin (not forgetting Barney). We will go for some country walks and hopefully spend time in the garden having BBQ's and enjoying the nice weather - fingers crossed. 


I look forward to speaking to you all after the holiday. I will post your work for you on Monday 1st June.


Please see below for today's work:



Today I would like you to complete the next set of questions on the Florence Nightingale text. I have attached the text with an additional page. 


There is then a set of questions about page 3 and a set of questions about the whole text.


I have also added the answers, but do not peep until you have answered the questions yourself.  



I would like you to focus on subordinate clauses today. 


What is a subordinate clause?


A subordinating clause is part of a sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence but it is linked to the main clause using a subordinating conjunction. 




Mum is taking me for a pizza after she picks me up. 


The purple is the main clause and the green is the subordinate clause. The subordinating conjunction is - after.


You could put the subordinate clause at the beginning of the sentence. 


After she picks me up, mum is taking me for a pizza.



Subordinate Clauses



Today is arithmetic Friday and our Times Table Rock stars challenge day. We are going to battle girls against boys. 


Please complete the arithmetic test for your year group. Remember do not peek at the answers until you have completed all of the questions. 


Our Rock Stars competition is between 1pm and 2pm. I want you to log on and see how many points you can get. Lets see who the class winner is girls or boys? I will also be looking at what contribution each one of you is making. 



Take a lunch break to give you some energy before our times table challenge at 1pm. 


I can't wait to see how many coins everyone is going to earn this afternoon. I will even get Jacob logged onto his own school account and see how many he manages. 


After our hard work doing maths, I think we need to do something physical to exercise our bodies as well as our minds. 


I have found this recording sheet, which I thought you might like to use. You could use it every day over a week and see how you improve your scores. 


If you prefer to do some different exercises that is fine but make sure that you are active. 


If you have managed to do all the task I set today, then you have worked very hard.


Please have a super break and enjoy having a rest from your school work. Be kind to your grown ups and stay safe.


But most of all have fun.


Thought of the day:

Enjoy the holidays.




Mrs Martin