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Friday 24th April

Hi 3/4M


(I am writing this on Thursday evening)


I have been in school today and I walked down to our classroom to drop off your topic work and collect your books, as I am beginning to write reports. The classroom seemed so quiet and empty and was just not the same without you all in it. Hopefully we will all be back in there soon, laughing and having a great time together. 


Jacob spent the day being looked after by his big brother, Harry because Mr Martin was working at home in our office. Jacob and Harry spent the day watching movies and playing, so I am going to make sure that he does extra work tomorrow. He won't be happy!!!


I am also going to record my Stop Animation Video tomorrow as I have not had chance to do it yet this week. I want to be able to share it with you and I can't wait to see more of yours. 


Please see below for today's work. 


Reading: I have attached a reading comprehension entitled, All about Spring. I want you to do the 2 star version. Pages 5-8. The answers are on pages 9-10 for you to mark your work. 


SPAG: I would like you to use the link to visit the BBC bitesize website and watch the video - What is a Preposition. 

After watching the video complete the worksheet - Missing Prepositions. 



Today there is not a White Rose video as it is Friday Family Challenge! I have attached a challenge sheet for you to try to complete. Do what you can and then see if your family can help you. 

The answers for this will be provided next week!!


I have also added a link for a site where you can do a times table speed test and play some times table games. Log on and spend at least 30 minutes practising. You can also spend time on TT Rockstars if you wish. 


Enjoy a healthy lunch and give your brain a rest. 


After lunch, I have attached the last task linked to our Stop Animation Task. You need to write up your adventure story. I have attached a scroll template if you want to print and write on there, alternatively you could write in your exercise book or even type it up. I look forward to hearing or reading some of these. You could record yourself reading it and email it to me.


Finally, I have added a link to a presentation on BBC Bitesize about the importance of teamwork and there is an activity to complete afterwards. 


Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Love from Mrs Martin. 





Missing Prepositions

Friday Maths Challenge

Writing Frame