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Friday 24th April


Hello Fixby Family, 

We have really enjoyed all of your pictures and videos this week! Keep emailing :) We miss you!


It's Friday! Best day of the week! 


What did we do yesterday?


Miss Day: Lots more work today - we had a team chat with Mrs Allen and talked about how much we miss you all! 
In the morning we did our Joe Wicks exercise, I always feel better after we've done it. Are any of you doing exercise in the morning with Joe?
Later on, we walked to the post office with Nora to post a letter. She wants to walk everywhere now by herself... she's very slow but very determined. In the afternoon, we went out for a lovely walk in the late afternoon sunshine and gobbled tasty burger with cheese for tea. Do you like burgers? I do! They're my second favourite. 


Here's a photo of Nora walking to the post office holding the letters. She's getting new shoes next week with animals on them! Hooray! 


Mrs Atkinson: Yesterday I had a lovely relaxing day. I did some of my school work and Iris got ALL of her toys out so we did a bit of everything! I enjoyed getting today’s phonics video ready for you. It’s a game. Let me know what you think. 


Have a lovely weekend!   :)


Did you see Mrs Buttery has set us another technology challenge? Hooray! Silly selfies! 


Technology Thursday-silly selfies

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