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Friday 26th June

Good morning Year 5!


It is the end of another week of working hard. I hope that you've all been spending some time outside and enjoying the lovely weather. I know that a number of staff have had barbecues in the garden with their children. We'd love to see photographs of how you've been enjoying the heat wave. 



It's Friday so Maths Challenge Day.

Summer Term - Week 9 (w/c 22nd June) - Lesson 5


Guided Reading

This Guided Reading is a type on one, so you won't need to print. 


In today's English lesson, you are going to be thinking about Catherine's emotions at the start of Chapter 3, which is when Mother is knocking on the door. How many different ways can you think of to describe Catherine's emotions? Can you use those emotions in sentences? Remember to write in the past tense and in the first person (You are Catherine, writing your diary). When you've edited your sentences and you're really happy with them, add them to your planning sheet. 



Mrs Walker's group A


This is the last lesson on place value.  There are two worksheets for you to complete.  Remember to check your answers when you have finished.


Mrs Walker's group B


In today's maths lesson you will be dividing by 4, 8 and 16.  Please check your work wehn you have finished.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups


Read the extract about sharks and answer the questions.


You need to correct the spelling mistakes on the worksheet below.  Some of the words that need correcting have been circled for you but you will have to find the rest yourself.

Spend the afternoon reading. Pick up your favourite book and find somewhere comfy to sit for the afternoon. I'll be reading the rest of the Children of Winter as I haven't finished it yet!


Have a lovely weekend. I'll have more work lined up for you next week.


Mrs Buttery.