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Friday 26th March

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Hello all - I'm going to start with a quick moan! Only one person has completed an Accelerated Reader test so far. She has actually done 3. I'm not allowed to name names on here, but she is an incredibly fast runner, and sits near the sink in class. Well done to you! Everyone else needs to step it up - I can monitor if you are doing things!


It's Friday, which means it is the best day of the week - that is because it's maths day!


Each week we will be having a different Times Table Rockstars competition. Today's is boys v girls. It will involve all KS2 classes. It will also include teachers - so the girls should have a large advantage. Boys, get your brains working, I absolutely hate losing. The competition runs from 9 to 3, so make sure you spend part of this time answering questions correctly!


Other activities for the day:

Maths - just one page of your Abacus book today - no need for more, as you can spend this time on TTR.


Writing - create the next diary entry. I'd like this one to really focus on something you've done which you really enjoyed, that you normally wouldn't do e.g. baking with your siblings etc. Continue to focus on the basics of punctuation. Remember with diary writing, you can be more informal and amusing. 


Reading - Watch the next chapter of Wonder.

Your 2nd activity is to complete one of the reading activities from your folder. There is also a copy of this in the reading folder on the 6R-H page. It might be a good idea to do the blurb activity, etc, but really, the choice is yours. 


Lunchtime - As it's Friday, feel free to have a more unhealthy lunch - something that you really want! You should spend this time doing the Joe Wicks fitness though. (I've managed to keep up to all of these so far, and have even got Lauren and Seth joining in!)


Song of the day: Jimmy Eat World - Let it Happen. This is a song I have played in class, but not talked about a lot.


Afternoon - Choose the next activity from your topic folder. Begin the planning stage. 


Girls you may want to do some extra reading this afternoon.


Boys, Times Table Rockstars, more time table rockstars and even more time table rockstars. 


Hope you all have a great weekend.


Miss you more than you will ever know or believe.


Mr R-H