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Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning lovelies! 


We've made it to Friday - one more day of home learning, then you can have a break over the weekend. 


I have some good news to share - our class did the most accelerated reader quizzes this week, majority of which scored 90% or 100%. A couple of you scored low but don't forget, its not a memory test - you can have your accelerated reader book with you when you take the test. If you are reading a chapter book, write a summary of each chapter on a post it once you've read it. It will really help you when it comes to taking a quiz. I have super high expectations of all of you - lets see if we can all get 100% on a quiz. 





Tomorrow we are holding a KS2 girls vs boys TT Rockstars battle of the bands. It will start at 9 am and finish at 3pm, the winner is the Band with the most correct answers. Teachers are included. Start practicing!


I will definitely be participating and I hope all of you join in too! please complete lesson 5. Watch the video tutorial, answers the questions, mark your answers. 



SPaG please complete this activity


Learn your spellings



Keep reading your accelerated reader book - lets see if everyone can get a quiz done by the end of the week!



I would like you to complete one of the activities on the topic grid - pick one of your choice. 


Take care and have a great weekend. 


Lots of love. 


Miss Anwar x