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Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning again - Friday has arrived! 

How did you get on yesterday? Are your letters ready to be edited then to be written out ready for sending to your relatives? How did you do on the mental arithmetic test? I bet lots of you scored full marks!


Joe Wicks is certainly getting me up and moving each morning with his work out - are you getting your family involved, too? Remember,  in between activities, you could try some yoga, Supermovers activities or Go Noodle dances. All of the links are on the 'Activities to do Indoors' page. Just click the links.




I've just seen that Chester Zoo are doing a virtual zoo day LIVE at 10am until 4.30pm on Chester Zoo's Facebook page.


They're featuring many of your favourites...

10am - Red Pandas

11am - Giraffes

12pm - Asian Elephants

1pm - Butterflies

2pm - Sun Bears

2.30pm - Sumatran Tigers

2.45pm - Penguins

4pm - Aquarium


This matches our topic so well, so check out your favourite animals.



Please do another of the pages in your Guided Reading Home Learning pack. They're all saved in the Reading folder with answers.


You can also read some of your Reading book too. Ask your parents to ask you questions about what you have read and make sure that you understand what the words mean. For those of you who use KS2 Accelerated Reader, I'm keeping an eye on who has been quizzing and only one person has so far - Congratulations, you know who you are!


David Walliams is reading a story live each day at 11 o'clock. Have you been listening?




Start with a page from the Flashbacks. They're saved in the Maths Folder. You should be on Week 1 Day 5 today.


Today I would like you to do the Fractions Assessment that is in your Home learning Pack. We did LOTS of work on Fractions a few weeks ago so this will help you see how much you have remembered. These questions will test your reasoning and problem solving so read the questions carefully.


Draw dots in lines to help you find halves, quarters and thirds. Remember that the denominator tells you how many groups you need.


This is the first page of the assessment so you know what you're looking for in your pack:




Your parents can access the answers here:


And to finish with, here are today's problems:



Please work with a parent to check the letter you wrote yesterday. Make any edits that you need to do. Check for:

  • Capital letters for names;
  • Capital letters and full stops for each sentence;
  • Question marks;
  • Any other punctuation, such as exclamation marks or commas for a list;
  • Spelling mistakes - use Google to check.


Now write your letter out beautifully in your very best handwriting. Check that your writing is sitting on the lines, that tall letters are tall enough and that descenders (the tails) hang down neatly. 


Ask a parent to post it for you or to take a photograph and send it to your relative. They will be so proud of you.




Now you can do some extra work on whichever Topic activity that you chose to start on Wednesday (or start a new one if you finished it.) Remember that it's saved in the Topic folder as well as being in your home learning pack.


Who has done an artistic challenge, I wonder?

Who has shown off more of their writing skills?


I really wish I could see what you are producing, but for now we need to stay safe at home.


Have a relaxing weekend. Play some board games, do a jigsaw, do some baking - mmm! or whatever you would like to do together. It may seem challenging now, but when we look back at this time in the future, I think we will see it as special family time, so make the most of every second.


I'll be back on Monday with a new message for you.


Love from 

Mrs S xxx