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Friday 27th March 2020

SPAG Mat 1

10 minute maths 1

Hi 3/4M


I can't believe that we have got to Friday already. What a bizarre week it has been. I feel that we are beginning to get into a bit of a routine now in the Martin household. We did Joe Wicks PE again today (I am now aching less, which is good!) I spent some time this morning helping Jacob with his maths and phonics and then I spent the afternoon working on my e learning and planning for you guys.


I have missed my walk today as Mr Martin was busy on an online training course this afternoon too. I guess we will have to have a longer walk tomorrow. (I think Barney was secretly relieved as he only has little legs.)


We enjoyed watching Jumanji last night and have decided to watch another film together this evening. I hope you are managing to get in some family activities too. 


Here is your work for today:


I really recommend starting your day with Joe Wicks live PE lesson. It is available on You Tube on The Body Coach TV. 



I have attached a 10 minute maths sheet. This is a great way to practise your maths skills and you can do this to warm up your brain. I will attach the answers to this sheet on Monday. 


You know know the system with WR maths - watch the video, complete the sheet, then check your answers. 

Year 3 - lesson 5 - Tenths as decimals

Year 4 lessons 4-5 Tenths on a numberline / Dividing 1 digit by 10


You can also choose a topic in your abacus book and complete a couple of pages. Choose an area that you want to practise. 

Finally, check out the Fixby facebook page for details of the TT Rockstars competition boys against girls. It is open for all of KS2 and teachers. I will be joining in. Come on let's see who are the champions of times tables. 



I have attached a link to access the Literacy Shed website. Within their Fantasy Shed there is a video called 'Adventures are the Pits'. I would like you to watch the video and answer the questions below. You will need to pause the video at the points outlined in the questions.

After answering the inferencing questions I would like you to have a go at the following writing task - Imagine your slide can end anywhere. Describe opening your eyes at the end. Where are you. use your senses to describe the setting. 



Log onto Classroom Secrets Kids

Practise the common exception words for 3/4 Set 1.


Year 3 - Punctuating direct speech

Year 4 - Punctuating direct speech


I have also added a SPAG mat to this page that you can print and complete. 


Enjoy a healthy lunch and a break. 


During the afternoon, I would like you to choose another task from out Topic web. Try and choose something creative.

You could also practise you cooking skills by helping your grown up make lunch or tea. 


I am missing you all and can't wait until we are all together again. Have a good weekend. Stay indoors and enjoy some time together.


Love Mrs Martin.