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Friday 27th March

Happy Friday 5G


So it's the end of our first week of Home learning. I hope you have all managed to get some work done but found some of the daily tasks fun as well. If you can have a look at Facebook, Miss Day asked me to do a video yesterday and I managed to get my dogs in the clip. smiley


First important announcement is our TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands today! It is all KS2 girls against all KS2 boys, including the teachers (Mr Raven-Hill thinks he is going to make sure the boys win). Any correct answers on TT Rockstars between 9am and 3pm will score one point for your team. Winners will be announced on Facebook after the Battle ends. So get playing. 

Next, I have attached a Maths worksheet called 'Rapid Reasoning', there are three sheets in the file but only a few questions on each. I have also attached an answer sheet so you can check your answers. 


For English, there is a guided reading on William Shakespeare. He is an interesting man and we look at one of his plays in year 6, so it will be good to find out a bit about him. Again, I have attached an answer sheet so you can mark your own work.


Also for English, is a picture and a prompt for you to do some creative writing. You all have such amazing imaginations, I can not wait to read them when we are back at school. Don't forget as always to remember your punctuation and spellings.


Now some amazing news! Mrs Buttery has found out that Marcus Sedgwick the author of Floodland is doing a read aloud of his book. So, as I can't finish the class reader with you, I thought you could still enjoy hearing the end of the story. I have attached the link below.


Next, I would like you to have a look at the Topic grid and choose an activity. We always do Topic on a Friday afternoon and there are loads of great tasks on there.


Finally, we would normally look at Newsround in our class assemblies. So I've had a look and found an article all about 'How to BOSS being stuck at home', the link is below.


Then relax! You can have the weekend off.

Keep active, keep safe and be good for your grown ups. I'll speak to you Monday morning.


Mrs Garside