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Friday 3rd April

Hello everybody. 

It's the last day before the Easter holidays. Normally at this stage of the year, Year 6 go home with the biggest pile of SATs practice papers and homework. If there is one good thing that has come out of this terrible situation, it's that you don't have that to do!

It says it at the bottom of this page, but your homework will be to make sure you have done every piece of work that has been set before. 


I spent Thursday planning work for when we're back. I'm creating reading on a book called Cogheart. This has been fun, as it's a book I've never read before, and I really like the attitude of the main character: Lily.

I did some painting with Seth, and we also played with Playdough. These things don't come naturally to me (I'd much rather play with a ball) but he loves them, so it's important that I put the time in with him. His speech in coming along really well now, and his counting is ridiculous. He can go beyond 80 now - higher than many members of our class!


It was lovely to read emails from a couple of you today, it genuinely makes my day better, so thank you for doing that. Feel free to email at any stage and say hello, whether you wish to type from your parents account or your parents do. My email address is:


Each and every one of you are amazing! Enjoy your last day of learning before the holidays. 

For Maths today, can you go to week 2 of the home learning on white rose? Watch the video as many times as you need, and then do the activity sheet - check your answers at the end. If you've got any wrong, you will need to do corrections, showing full working out.


It's Lesson 5 - Step 3 - calculate angles


Then complete these problem solving activities - choose either Expected or GD, then check your answers. 

Reading - Along with ALL doing an Accelerated Reader test, I'd like you to have a go at this Roald Dahl quiz. It's on Classroom Secrets Kids, Reading and it's the 2nd one in. 


Also, some of you will love this website I'm about to show you.

There are some really cool things on there, and any Harry Potter nerds (like myself) could spend hours searching about and doing the quizzes. 


Writing - this is the last day of your diary writing. After this we will move on to a different writing genre, so make this a good final one. It's up to you what you write about today, but I'd like just pure honesty. If you are more bored then you have ever been, then let me know, but do it in a way that is written for humour. Include pictures: 


Song of the day is another blink song, and definitely one you know. Dance along with it!


Afternoon: Art (and DT)/Music. 

You can either choose to create a video of a song about the coronavirus, like others have on Facebook. Think about how we came up with our Huddersfield Town chants - it's good to choose a tune that already exists. 


Finally, why not try this? I challenge you all to make a toilet roll animal. Then we will have created a 6R-H toilet roll zoo. I am going to make one myself (I'm lying, I'm going to get Lauren to) and I'll put a picture on here tomorrow. Here is a picture for inspiration. However, google it there are hundreds on-line.


I hope you have a great 2 weeks with your families, and have a wonderful Easter. I will update this page every now and again with what I've been getting up to. 


Your homework over this period, is to make sure you're up to date with all of the work that has been set. You must also complete 2 Accelerated Reader tests.


If you get bored at any stage, please feel free to email me. I will get back to you!


Remember that you are all wonderful.


Mr R-H