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Friday 3rd April

SPAG Mat 3 Answers

Answers to 10 Min Maths

Hi 3/4M


I hope you are all well.


We have almost reached the end of our second week of home learning and most of us are getting into a routine now. I spent today (Thursday) in school with two children whose parents are key workers. It was very odd being in school with only two children. I walked to our classroom to drop off some books and it felt so empty and lonely without you all. I can't wait to see you all in there again.


Whilst I was in school, I collated all your work from the Europe topic and bound them into booklets. They look lovely and you will be able to take them home at the end of the year to show your grown ups. I am going to do the same for the Ancient Greece work (although there won't be as much as you have done some of this at home!)


Jacob has spent the day with his Dad and brother. They have told me that they have done lots of school work but I think that they have spent most of the time playing games and watching films!! He will have to work extra hard tomorrow!!


This is the last work that I will post before the Easter Holidays. I will of course be back posting work after the two weeks break. School will also be open for the Key worker children during this time. If you wish to carry on logging into Classroom Secrets etc then feel free but make sure you have a good rest as well. 


Work for Today:


White Rose Maths - Week 2

Year 3 - Lesson 5 - Equivalent Fractions

Year 4 - Lesson 5 - Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100


There is also another TT Rockstars challenge today. I will be logging into this. Make sure you spend as much time as possible answering those times tables. Keep an eye on the Fixby Facebook page for further details. 



I would like you to read and complete the attached reading comprehension - Back to Earth with a Bump.


Please also spend time today and over the Easter holidays reading your AR books. I know who is doing this and have been in touch with some of you already. 



I have attached a Spring Activity booklet which has a range of English activities. I have also attached a sheet focusing on up levelling sentences. Please complete both of these.


Have a healthy lunch and a break.


This afternoon I would like to spend some time doing some Easter Art. I have attached a document with some ideas which you can try or you can work on your own ideas. Please send me photographs of your finished work. I love to see it. Thank you to those children who have already send me pictures. 


I would like to wish you all a very happy Easter. Enjoy relaxing and spending time together. Make the most of all this family time. 


Quote of the day:

A day without laughter

Is a day wasted


I look forward to speaking to you all after Easter. 


Love Mrs Martin