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Friday 3rd April

Hello everyone!


We're going to have a bit of fun today. No Worksheets! 


First - can you watch the Farmer Pete number bond song? You could try and re-create this with your teddies!

Then... can you have a go at one of the crafts in the video below? Maths is not always just about number and shape. It's about finding ways to do things and solving problems, working things out! So have a look at our'Toilet Roll crafts'. Can you make one now or over the weekend? 
I'm going to be using my 'Number-oculars' on our next outdoor adventure! I got Holly to help me with this one today. 

There are two Maths game ideas below for you to try too! 


Happy weekend :)

Farmer Pete song with animation by Sunshine Class (pupils aged 5 years)

We made our own animation for the Farmer Pete number bonds for 10 song.

6 Toilet Roll Crafts

Game ideas...