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Friday 3rd April

Hello 5G


So it is the last day of this term and the Easter Holidays start tomorrow. I hope you all get to spend some lovely family time over the holidays, play games, chat and have fun. So that you are ready to come back to the learning fresh after two weeks. I am planning to have a BBQ in the garden or a big Sunday lunch, we are also having a board game marathon (just so I can make sure I win a lot - you all know how competitive I am) and I am hoping to do some gardening if the weather lets me. If you want to share any of the things you have done over the holidays please send me emails (I have contacted nearly everyone's parents this week and they should now have my email address). Let me know what you have been up to, I will be checking my emails regularly.


Back to today's work, Maths is going to be the lessons from White Rose hub. I'm going to challenge you to do the final two lessons of Week 2: Lesson 4 - Step 9 - Percentages as fractions and decimals and Lesson 5 - Step 10 - Equivalent FDP.

I have also updated the Maths folder with another link to Top Marks, which has loads of interactive Maths games (just in case you get a bit bored during the holidays). I have also put a new Year 5 and Year 6 arithmetic test on there.


For English, I have attached your final diary extract of the week. This one is quite funny - Anne Fine - The Diary of a Killer Cat. It is a diary from the point of view of a normal domestic cat. It is quite a long guided reading, but only the first chapter is for you to read. Chapter 2 - 7 are read to you through youtube links (which I thought would be a nice change).

Then, I would like you to finish you week long diary for Writing. If however you would like to carry on, please do. Don't forget to read it back for sense and use the checklist below to edit and make it the best you can. Then why not illustrate it in the style of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Next, I would like you to have a look at the Topic grid again and choose an activity to do. Again any work you are super proud of get your parents to take a picture and email me, I would love to see it.


Finally, I have found a few Easter activities and put them on a grid (think of it as holiday homework). Have a look, I'm sure you will all find something you would like to do. I would love to see or hear about any Easter fun you have had.

Okay you lot, have a nice holiday, have fun and stay safe. Make sure you are all being kind to your grown ups and the rest of your family. I'll miss you all and come back ready to work hard in two weeks.


Mrs Garside