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Friday 3rd July

Good morning!



It is Friday Challenge day. How many can you get through today?

Friday Maths Challenge


Guided Reading

Today you have an interactive answer sheet, so you should be able to just type your answers in. The text today is about Christiano Ronaldo. 


You need to be finishing off your story today. The competition closes at midnight. 

Here's the link to submit your entry:


Mrs Walker's group A


Today you need to create number family facts using the number triangles.

Mrs Walker's group B


Use the number lines to answer the questions.  You can fill in the missing values on the number line if it helps you.

Mrs Walker's A and B groups 


Read the information about Bodhi Day and answer the questions.


Today you are going to learn the difference between their, they're and there.  Watch this video and then complete the two worksheets.

This afternoon, spend some time curled up with a good book. I love to read curled up under a blanket on the sofa, all warm and cosy. I'd love to see photos of your favourite reading spot. 


Have a lovely weekend, I'll be back with more work next week.