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Friday 5th June 2020

Hi Year 3


I hope you are well today and are enjoying the activities that we are setting. We have had another busy day in school organising and tidying ready for when we are all back. We are going to start planning lots more exciting work too. It is really strange getting up every morning and driving to work. I am only just getting used to getting up extra early!! It was much quicker to walk into my kitchen than to drive to work!


I have still not received many emails so please send me updates as I am missing you all. 

Speak soon.


Love Mrs Martin

Good morning Year 3!


How are you all doing? It would be great for you to send us updates on what you're all getting up to. We are all missing you so much!

Like Mrs Martin said, it is so strange getting up extra early and driving to work, knowing we aren't going to be seeing you. All the teachers are getting the school ready for when we eventually do return, keeping busy, tidying and planning exciting activities for you all. I hope that you all have a lovely weekend, and fingers crossed the weather will be nicer so that we can enjoy walks and being in the garden.


Love Miss North



As it is Arithmetic Friday. Please find this weeks test below. 


Remember no peeking at the answers until you have had a go at answering all of the questions first. 



Today you have a grammar activity to help you practise using 'a' or 'an' correctly in a sentence. 


I have added a PowerPoint to remind you of the rules. 





We are going to do some more inferencing today. I would like you to look at the image and then answer the questions below on the recording sheet. 

1. Who are the people in the picture?


2. Where are they?


3. What are the people in the picture doing?


4. What happened before this picture?


5. How do you think the little girl feels?


6. How do you think the grown ups feel?


7. What do you think will happen next?




This afternoon you have a science activity to complete based on Food Chains. 

Watch the video and then complete the interactive activities to test your understanding.